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About 3-5 days to provide sample proofing: contributions to sample, proofing fee charged according to the specific process and product requirements! The number of orders reached 10000 proofing fee returned!

On the card / sample: every computer has the difference, if the color is strict, please contact customer service to the electronic version of the Pantone number. Choose lewd

MOQ: 200 or 100 yuan (in whichever is lower).

Delivery time: 7-15 days after confirmation of sample production time, as the number of orders and production schedule and decide, such as urgent need, it can be negotiated.

Transaction: after signing the contract, pay 30% deposit, after the completion of the delivery of goods to pay the final delivery.

Payment: bank transfer, Alipay online cash transfers, etc..

Mode of transport: the general means of transport for delivery, logistics, freight (express or logistics costs borne by the customer, can also be paid by the company, the specific customer service and consultation).

After sales service: when receiving goods, be sure to check whether the packaging is intact, whether the number of missing, if any problems, please contact customer service consultation. We will be on sale of products in a timely manner to follow up and comprehensive after-sales service, "your satisfaction" is what we pursue.

Polyester Silk-Scree
热转印挂绳,Polyester Heat-Transferred Lanyards
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